- Elton John Under The Stars -
Opens Perth Arena on Saturday 10 November

Chugg Entertainment today announced that Sir Elton John and his band will be the first act to open the newly constructed Perth Arena with a 2nd Perth Concert on Saturday 10 November. This magical event, replacing the George Michael concert, will be performed “Under The Stars” with the Arena roof open. Elton John’s other Perth concert, already sold out, is on Monday 12 November.

Sir Elton John said ”My dear friend George Michael has been giving some amazing performances on the Symphonica tour, and I'm very sorry that he can't play the Perth concert. But I'm more than happy to step in for him and play the opening night at the brand new Perth Arena on November 10. It is a fabulous building and I'm told we can even have the roof open for our concert and play under the stars! My band and I will make absolutely sure that the Perth Arena has an unforgettable opening night, and we are looking forward to seeing the city come out in force to celebrate this stunning new building."

Michael Chugg said "With one show already sold out and a long and successful touring history in Perth, we are thrilled to add one more show to Sir Elton's November tour and for this to be the official opening of the new Perth Arena. As one of the greatest entertainers in the music business, this will be an incredible show for the people of Perth and a very special milestone for Sir Elton."

Ticket holders for George Michael’s Perth Arena concert on Saturday 10 November 2012, have the option to:

·     Use the ticket for the Elton John opening event. Ticket holders simply need to bring the existing ticket with them to Perth Arena to gain entry on the night. Note that new tickets will not be issued and that all existing George Michael Perth Arena tickets are now valid for Elton John Perth Arena on 10 November; or

·     Obtain a full refund on the ticket.

If a ticket holder wishes to obtain a refund on the ticket, to facilitate prompt processing of the refund request, return the original ticket/s to Ticketek by Friday 12 October 2012:

Att: George Michael Perth Refunds
GPO Box 1610, Sydney NSW 2001

Ticket holders will need to send:

a. The ticket/s.
b. a small note confirming the request for a refund.
c. the ticket holders email address so Ticketek can send an email confirming the refund.
d. If the ticket holder paid by cash or EFTPOS, include the return postal address so Ticketek can send a cheque (for cash or EFTPOS purchases, a cheque will be issued).

Ticketek’s terms and conditions of sale that applied to the purchase of the George Michael ticket/s will apply to Elton John tickets.

Be sure to join in the celebration of this landmark anniversary and the opening of Perth Arena.